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Imagination,… lovely place

Can I invite to it, my Grace?

I’ll make some coffee, maybe tea,

What you prefer today, my dear?


How is life? What ‘s going on?

What makes you laugh, what keeps you warm?

What bothers you? How do you feel?

What makes you happy, joyful, keen?


While you are preping answers short,

I’ll read your answers on the spot,

I know you for quite some time,

To read your essence, beauty, mime …


I love to be in quiet walk,

When two relate without talk…

Imagination only place,

Where I could warm your heart, my Grace….



My country, what we do again?

Again… attacker on the way

Shall we experience the war?

That comes so often as a swore…

What shall we see, that we are blind?

What makes important chase our land?

What makes attacker be inhuman?

What fuels madness to the cruel?

My brothers died in recent war…

And prayers go… on and on…

Thanks to ancestors that escaped,

I am walking sad and wonder more…

Give me an answer, Mother Earth…

Can’t we just live in peace and birth?

Isn’t there space for each of us?

…I’ll cherish hope in prayers wise…



Image by @alexxjpowel

When mental turmoil in progress,

How to manage heal yourself?

When you are grieving for beloved one

How to feel your feelings well?


You have advice? Please share, darling

Be focused, clear, go deep

How to feel it? …I can’t get it…

My heart still bleeds for dear mate…



…thankful for the Gift of This day

🌸 If I would live my life again

I would have done it all again,

I would embrace the nicest cite,

I would resist the strongest fight,

I would have loved, and maybe hate,

To know all that it may felt,

To learn, to grow, understand,

That life is meant for growth might…

To make me grow every step,

To let life flow every way,

To understand what’s right what’s wrong,

And feel it … maybe all alone…

If I would live my life again,

I would have done it all again,

I would have loved, and would have found,

That life is meant for growth gain…

Thanks for stoping by, beautiful Souls 😍



Winter, 2019, Sweden

I fall in love with solitude one day

When I was five or maybe even less…

I could have sit in quietness for long

Enjoyed the silence , feel aligned in joy..


Then life has taken into multitude of noice

I’ve been disturbed in many such extends

Still I would miss the solitude of Soul

In midst of the noisy world extend…


I’ve come to be quite social in a life,

And maybe talkative to some extend

Still I would miss the solitude of Soul

To be my Only friend and lovely mate.



Sweden 2019

Life not a punishment, I guess

We’ve come to breath to some extend

No need to suffer every day

Life is a moment, …be content


We have a moment use the chance

To grow, live, evolve and dance

To share, care, love, forgive

To live the might, be brave indeed…



The poem inspired by reading — The Art of Yoga, BKS Iyengar, Master in Lotus pose

Art is a search for truth in life

When artists aim perfect his craft

And any action done with purity

Strives emulate Devine and Beauty


When body, mind and soul unite,

One feels aligned with world inside,

Then mind is clear, conscious, wise,

While body healthy, graceful, nice…



2020, Sweden

No need to chaise for physical extend

I am a human, I have Soul, my Friend

I wish to be your Spirit after all

It’s inspiring, bright and bold.


I hope you stand for peace and not the war

I hope your powers serve the life on call

I pray, that wisdom shows up in case

Life throws heavy stones some ways…


I wish you find a joy in light of Moon

I wish a candle serves a light of Hope in noon

I trust there is a way to balance life

I’ve seen that simple things enlighten Life…