Amazing being

Suppose you live your life today

Some hopeless, tearful life extend

And since it takes all your attention

It starts perceiving as obsession.


Unhappy chapter in your life

May overwhelm and may provide

Some pain and suffering, that you

May not be able take it through…


Mind takes the form of that obsession

And makes you suffer from possession

What can be done to help you find

Release of tearful, maddy one?


There is suggestion, use your mind

And think of story that you run

Observe like you are film producer

That will create some life solution.


May you be able look from far?

Observe the feelings that you have

Identify all your emotions,

And face those openly in motion.


You aren’t mind that runs the role

That makes you suffer in the hole,

Amazing being deep inside

Is looking forward shine to life…



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Alina Hambaryan

Alina Hambaryan

Thankful for the gift of This day...(@philosophy_in_poetry)